Sales and Sourcing Process Risk Review
A report detailing any key risk exposure that a business is holding due to it’s internal sales and purchasing processes, and recommendations as to changes in processes to reduce risk. This aims to minimise the probability of a business being unwittingly exposed to risk.

General Business Risk Review
Any business should maintain a register of risks and detailed mitigation plans that keep those risks as low as possible. CRN Consulting can assist in helping to indentify risks, create the register and identify the mitigation steps, roles and responsibilities.

Hazard and Operability Studies
Typically utilised to identify any risk that may be integral to an industrial process and put in place prevention measures. Such a study is useful in designing test run procedures.

Commercial Operations/Execution Risk
Often the risk that an operation or execution activity may cause a breach of contract can be pre-assessed, and thus mitigation or prevention measures can be put in place.